Episode 1

Published on:

21st Feb 2024

Apple Vision Pro First Impressions

Aaron Zollo and Steve Moser share their initial experiences with the new Apple Vision Pro spatial computer. They discuss the set up process, comfort, use cases, limitations, and more.


  • Initial store pick up experience - Some stores seemed underprepared, while others welcomed Zollo warmly. Moser had an easy and informative demo at the store.
  • Comfort - The solo headband can cause pressure pain after 1-2 hours of use. The dual headband distributes weight better but causes issues for some. Light seal fits are very personal.
  • Use cases - 3D movie viewing is a standout feature right now. Spatial and immersive videos also show promise. Productivity use is limited so far.
  • Limitations - Text legibility could be better. Tracking accuracy needs work. Managing windows can be frustrating. More content and native apps needed.
  • Impressions - Feels like an early developer kit. Will improve over time. Compelling for entertainment, but not a productivity device yet. Headaches are common after use.
  • Future outlook - It will take a few generations to reach mass appeal. Glasses version has more potential. Needs more content and native apps.

Key Quotes:

"I personally rather have people in my environment with me so we can interact and see what's going on. Also there's long-term questions of if a flashing display that close to your eyes is a problem over time?" - Zollo

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